“Shortly after purchasing a new business unit, we dropped Sandy in the mix as an interim controller with projects ranging from accounting integration to policy development.  Sandy jumped in with both feet to address issues head on at full speed.  Her experience and professionalism drove consistently positive outcomes.”

Peter Harris,CEO, Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology


“I had the pleasure of working with Sandy Sarge on an extensive student financial aid file review project for a mutual client.  The project addressed several complex issues and covered multiple financial aid award years.  I was thoroughly impressed with Sandy’s technical capabilities and project management skills and look forward to working with her again.”

Joe Weworski  Managing Partner of Weworski & Associates


I have had the pleasure to work with Sandy both as teammates at a major college, and also as colleagues on consulting projects.  Sandy is whip smart and brings tremendous value to any project she touches both through her creative problem solving, and also through her knowledge and expertise.  She’s also got a great sense of humor, which can be invaluable on any project!” 

M.Lanaghen, CEO, The Sparrow Group


“I have worked with Sandy Sarge on several projects related to the financial management of educational facilities and found her to be a strong leader willing to “roll her sleeves up” and get in the middle of the chaos to push forward to an effective conclusion.   It takes an unique leader to manage people, process and technology and at the same time prevent any issues to result in loss of revenue and access to federal programs.   Sandy’s approach is to take charge while encouraging others to perform at a higher level of responsibility.   She is not hindered by “poor performers” due to her ability to weed out and/or raise their skills to a new level.  On a personal note – I am proud to consider her a kindred spirit that strives for the success of all.”  

Chyrl R. Ayers, Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President, Global Financial Aid Services


Sandy brings a knowledgeable perspective that her clients can count on, and one that helps them improve their operations and output. She is creative yet resourceful in her thinking, addressing the needs and challenges of her clients. Beyond her financial expertise, Sandy is passionate about education, knows how to motivate people, and gets the job done.

COO of Education Solution Provider


Sandy Sarge is as an intelligent, informed, and creative consultant to my school as I have ever encountered. I entrust her with aiding me in many of the key strategic decisions I must make.

Steve Rubin, CEO, Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology


Sandy has the drive and expertise to not only assess the financial health of an institution but strategically think about future internal and external threats.

Nichole Karpel, P.H.D., Dean of Education, Strayer University